Body Worlds In-Exhibit Sketching Guidelines

These guidelines have been created to allow artists to sketch directly from the exhibition and minimize any intrusions that may affect the experience of other visitors. When in the exhibit, please be respectful of other patrons and please comply with any and all requests from our Guest Relations staff, managers and security.

Designated Artist sketch times are between 2-7pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, allowing no more than 20 artists in the exhibit during these hours. Upon entering the exhibit, artists are asked to spread themselves throughout the exhibit with no more than 4-5 artists per gallery. Artists may make sketches of the figures and other models within the exhibit except for the first gallery. Due to space limitations, artists may not sketch the model in the first gallery. Artists may not block any items from full view of the public.

Artists may sit or stand when sketching. If artist is sitting, they must sit with their back against a wall or on one of the benches within the exhibit, if standing they must also stand towards the wall or the outer spaces. They may not sit or stand in the middle of the floor and must not block the normal exhibit walkways.

Artists will only be allowed to sketch using small to medium sized sketchbooks, pencils and pens. The venue will allow artists to bring in small folding chairs to sit on. These chairs may not be set up in the normal exhibit walkways. 

The following equipment and materials are prohibited:

  • No oversized sketchbooks
  • No easels
  • No paints, watercolors or other liquid media
  • No charcoal or chalk

There is no photography, food or drink permitted in the exhibit.

Artists must be self-contained and not interfere with any other visitor’s ability to see or enjoy the exhibit.