KLONDIKE: The Times Square Exhibit

This exhibit is now closed.

Step into a fascinating re-creation of Dawson City, featured in the Discovery television event KLONDIKE and based on the true story of the Yukon Gold Rush.

Free Event Open January 17th - 21st

THE KLONDIKE TIMES SQUARE EXHIBIT takes visitors back in time to the height of the 1890's Yukon Gold Rush and into the heart of a legendary boomtown. Like the characters in Discovery's television event KLONDIKE, guests literally walk the city streets of a reborn Dawson, a place first built by millions in gold. Dubbed "the Paris of the North," Dawson was the original city that never slept and The Discovery Times Square Exhibit brings the grit and gold of it all back to life. 

Enjoy your visit but watch your back. You’re stepping onto the gold-dusted streets of the most legendary boomtown of the Yukon Gold Rush. At the height of gold fever in 1897, miners by the thousands stampeded to the frozen terrain around the Klondike, pulling millions in gold out of the ground. And Dawson, a town that exploded from just a few hundred citizens to over thirty thousand, is where they came to spend it. There were hotels, banks, brothels, dance halls and, of course, saloons in the original city that never slept. With all this glittering fortune to be found, spent and stolen, Dawson brought out the best and worst of all who passed through it. Gold was king and life was cheap. Some got rich. Most went broke. Discovery’s Klondike brings all this and more to life. And like the characters in Klondike, get ready to walk into this treacherous town reborn.


Klondike Times Square Exhibit 


There are no Group rates available for this free event.

Klondike Exhibition Hours:

Friday, Jan 17 & Saturday, Jan 18: 10am - 9pm
Sunday, Jan 19 - Tuesday, Jan 21: 10am – 7pm